Attempt to Abolish IPAB and its Impact on Adjudication Of IPR Matters
In order to streamline various tribunals, the Government of India...
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OTT Platforms: Self-regulation Code and It's impact
Over The Top Platforms have proved to be a breath of fresh area...
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Is Lockdown a Force Majeure Effect
The Hon’ble High Court of Madras in R. Narayanan vs. The Government...
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Applicability of the EPF Act and EPF Scheme - Everything a Business Needs to Know
The EPF Act is an act that provides for the institution of provident...
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Intellectual Property after Covid-19 - An entrepreneur perspective
The thrust on intellectual property in the Covid-19 era has been...
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Safeguarding Celebrity Rights Through IPR
With the increasing use of the Internet, invasion of privacy...
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Union Budget 2021-22 – Preparation For Revamping The Economy
The Union Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman has presented...
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Transfer of Property for NRIs in India
The proper transfer of an immovable asset is a complex procedure,...
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The World of Fantasy Gaming
From being a taboo to attaining mainstream recognition, the online...
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