Types of Intellectual Property Rights in India
Intellectual property, in basic terms, refers to specific types...
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Everything you need to know about how to Register a Trademark in India
Have you ever felt the urge to purchase a product purely because...
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How to apply for Copyright in India?
A member of the general public, on any given day, experiences...
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Top 10 Government Schemes To Support Your Startup in India
Startup India is a flagship initiative of the Government of India...
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Identifying Instances which do not Constitute Bid Rigging
The Competition Act (“Act”), 2002 has been formulated to deal...
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The Blurred Line Between a Well-Known Trademark and a Reputed Trademark
The Trademark Act 1999 (“Act”) contains various provisions wherein...
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India a Lucrative Market for Russian Pharmaceutical Investors and Companies
Indian pharmaceutical industry plays a substantial role in the...
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Start a Booming Solar Energy Business in India
The surge in the global power demand and consumption has highlighted...
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Invisible Trademark Infringement
In today’s incredibly globalized world, a business’ website is...
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