Can I really own the shape of my product?
A trademark traditionally (in India as well as in other countries)...
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REITs In India: Structure, Eligibility, Benefits & Limitations
Theodore Roosevelt, U.S. President once said, “Every person who...
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Key Advantages of Doing Business in India
India is the largest democracy in the world with a massive population...
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Legal Requirements And Compliances For E-commerce Business In India
Globalization has altered the perspective as well as the functioning...
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GDPR: Overview of the rules and requirements
European Union’s (“EU”) regulations on the protection of natural...
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The advent of the Fantasy Sports Industry
With the emergence of sports leagues in varied formats, there...
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Regulations to know if you are a FinTech Startup
The term ‘Financial technology’ (Fintech) is used to describe...
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Commercial Contracts in India and Their Legal Nuances
A commercial contract forms an integral and critical part of...
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Development of Pharmaceutical Industry in India
Presently, the Indian pharmaceutical industry tops the chart...
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