invisible trademark infringement

Invisible Trademark Infringement

In today’s incredibly globalized world, a business’ website is integral to its growth and sustenance. The worldwide web, however, comes with its own set of issues in a domain where the regulations have failed to catch up to the advancement of technology. One of the issues concerning the registered proprietors of trademarks is how much …

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fintech sector in india

Legal Requirements and Compliances required in India for Fintech Startups

The aggregate size of the Indian fintech market is $31 billion, which makes it the third-largest fintech ecosystem across the globe, after USA and China, according to a report by Blinc Invest.[1] The rapid growth of this sector can be attributed to government backing of digitalization in the country, an increase of tech-savvy citizens, more …

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We are Not Equals

At the onset of this article, I would like to put it out there that words like women’s day, feminise, gender equality, and the like, have been concepts that needed to be explained to me. While this may seem arrogant and almost chauvinistic to most, the truth is I have been raised in an environment …

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registering sound marks in india

Sound Mark Registration Process in India

The association and distinguishment of source of goods and/or services through visible marks is not recent and examples of the same may even be found during ancient times, such as the Harappan civilisation. The identification of a distinctive mark has traditionally been limited exclusively to visual parameters. However, the evolution of different technologies and innovations …

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