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Introduction to Design Law Services

In today’s digital era, designs and brands are the main attractive feature of a company or an organization. With companies pushing their specific colour scheme into our everyday lives, we are attuned to associate certain designs and insignias with certain organisations. Design law thus has become an up-and-coming field of law that very few lawyers have thought to deal with. 


Ahlawat & Associates is one of the best industrial design law firms in India. With our team of experts and best design patent lawyers, we are ready at your service beginning from defining your design, design registration, maintaining the originality of the design, examination, and publication to making sure your design is protected from infringement, we cater to all kinds of issues. 


With India being a member of the Hague Agreement concerning the International Registration of Industrial Designs, Ahlawat & Associates now provide services in international forums too. Our design registration services are now available across the globe, at your doorstep. 

Overview of Legal Framework of Design Law

The Design law framework in India is primarily governed by the Designs Act 2000 and the Designs Rule 2001. The aesthetic elements of designs, such as shapes, patterns, combinations, ornamentations, or compositions applied to a product, are protected by this statute.


Ahlawat & Associates is one of the best law firms for Industrial Design Protection in India. We have a dedicated team of IP professionals and experts who will take care of every notch and crook of designing your brand to make sure it shines over the others. 


We help in registering the design with the Design Office and take care of all the compliances necessary to register your design. Taking full ownership of your artwork is one of the most crucial steps in being a brand owner and Ahlawat & Associates is there to help you through every step of the way. 


We make sure the design is original and has its novelty. We ensure that it is not similar or identical to any design which has been publicly disclosed before the date of the application. We make sure that your design is protected for the period during which the protection exists and also extend it if need be. 


We ensure that all the compliances are met during design registration including examination, publication, and other formal requirements. We take care of all the compliances for inspection during the period of its publication and third-party oppositions. 


We ensure that there is no unauthorised infringement, copying, or imitation of your registered design. In case of such a scenario, we provide litigation services that are comparable on an international level.


Our top-notch legal professionals are also aware of the newly introduced provisions to address data piracy where a third party uses your design without your consent. Design piracy is a criminal offense punishable by imprisonment and/or fines. We ensure that you get justice following proper prosecution and litigation. 

Importance of Design Law Services

In today’s fiercely competitive corporate world, where innovation and aesthetics are important drivers, design law services are essential. With an ever-increasing amount of intellectual property assets, there arises a need to protect them. Ahlawat & Associates provides services that will help you protect your designs from unauthorised use. 


We help you gain a competitive edge by protecting your design and safeguarding its distinct uniqueness. Designs also form a necessary part of brand identity and hence arise the need to protect it from unsanctioned imitation by competitors. We make sure people are positively affected when they associate your brand with your products. 


We also help you secure marketplace exclusivity by prohibiting others from introducing similar designs. Our team of learned individuals also helps you enforce your rights in case of a breach. We can help in forming and negotiating draft license agreements, assignments, and other commercial arrangements that will enable you to monetize your designs. 

Our Approach to Design Law

Ahlawat & Associates is one of the few full-service law firms which provide the best design and patent services in India. 

  • Our approach includes but is not limited to design registration with the proper filing of applications and regulatory compliance. 
  • We provide services for design clearance which helps assess the risk of infringing other designs and provides advice on design modification. 
  • We advise clients on the various methods of design protection available such as patent rights and design rights and develop strategies to protect them. 
  • We also ensure in maintaining your design portfolios, monitor competitors’ designs for potential infringement, and handle renewals, licensing, and other legal rights. 
  • We ensure proper compliance with the laws and are ready to defend you in case your rights are violated by anyone. 
  • We also draft design licensing agreements and negotiate for other rights. 

1. What is design law?

The Designs Act, 2000, and the Designs Rules, 2001 essentially govern India’s legal system regarding design law. This law protects the aesthetically pleasing elements of designs, such as the shapes, patterns, combinations, ornamentations, or compositions used on an item.

2. What is Rule 11 of the Design Act?

The publishing and review of design applications in India are governed by Rule 11 of the Designs Rules, 2001, which was created following the Designs Act, of 2000. The steps and specifications for the review and publication of design applications are described. It outlines the expectations for the applicant, the Controller, and other stakeholders engaged in the design registration process.
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