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Oppression & Mismanagement

Oppression and Mismanagement Cases

Introduction to Oppression & Mismanagement

In a world where majority rule is prominent, there is a need for good corporate governance practises which protects the rights of the shareholders. Here comes the provision of oppression and mismanagement prevention techniques in good governance. After the Enron scandal in USA and Satyam Scandal in India, there arose an extreme need for independence in corporate practises in India too. This led to the amendment in Companies Act and led to the development of the provisions for independent directors.


Oppression refers to the situations where the rights of the shareholders are improperly restricted. Mismanagement is when there is inefficient management on part of the directors. These issues can arise due to a variety of factors, including concentration of power, lack of transparency, conflicts of interest, or unethical behaviour. Both oppression and poor corporate governance practises can result in serious outcomes like a decline in investor confidence, legal issues, financial instability, or even the collapse of a business.


Ahlawat & Associates helps you establish these good corporate governance practises by including independent broad oversight and checks and balances to prevent abuses of power. It is one of the best law firms to help you prevent oppression and mismanagement in company law. We ensure transparency is maintained and accountability in various processes and make sure there is always disclosure to shareholders. We help you frame clear policies to prevent conflict of interest with your members and shareholders as well as in related party transactions.

Importance of Oppression & Mismanagement Provisions in Corporate Law

Good corporate governance practises help protect the rights of minority shareholders who are at a disadvantage due to the accumulation of power in the hands of majority shareholders. This helps maintaining accountability and transparency in the recruitment, retention and administrative processes.


Ahlawat & Associates ensures there is risk mitigation mechanisms in force under our supervision. We help mitigate the risk of fraud, corruption and unethical behaviour within organisations. This in turn prevents abuse of power within the organisation and protects the rights of the stakeholders in the long run.


We maintain the sustainability of the organisation by fostering a culture of responsible and ethical decision making. We help in building stakeholders’ confidence and foster trust among the employees, customers and the community at large.

We take care of all the compliances required for helping your organisation achieve sustainability and transparency.

Our Approach on Oppression & Mismanagement

Ahlawat & Associates is one of the best firms for corporate oppression and mismanagement prevention. We help you in drafting strong corporate governance framework.

  • We define the roles and responsibilities and help implementing effective checks and balances.
  • We help choose independent directors and conduct due diligence on their background so that you can have the best executive on board.
  • We ensure shareholders rights are safeguarded and provide them the platform to voice concerns, vote on important matters and access relevant information.
  • We ensure there is ethical code of conduct in place which promotes integrity.
  • We implement sound risk management procedures and internal control mechanisms. This avoids the misuse of resources or authority and assists in identifying and mitigating potential threats.
  • We ensure routine audits and evaluations of the organization’s activities and finances.
  • We provide training and education programs and frame brochures on corporate governance, ethics and legal responsibilities.

1. What is Oppression and Mismanagement under Company Act?

Under the Companies Act, 2013, oppression and mismanagement are terms used to describe certain unfair and prejudicial practices within a company. The Act provides remedies for shareholders and stakeholders who believe that the affairs of a company are being conducted in a manner that is oppressive or prejudicial to their interests. Here’s an overview of oppression and mismanagement as defined in the Companies Act: Oppression: Oppression refers to any act or conduct by the company’s management or controlling shareholders that unfairly prejudices the rights or interests of any member or group of members. Mismanagement: Mismanagement refers to the improper or inefficient conduct of the company’s affairs by its management or directors.

2. What is majority rule and minority protection?

The prevention of oppression and mismanagement within a company requires a combination of proactive measures, good corporate governance practices, and adherence to legal requirements. Here are some steps that can help in preventing oppression and mismanagement:
  1. Comply with Corporate Governance Standar
  2. Establish a Strong Board of Directors
  3. Shareholder Rights and Protection
  4. Transparent Financial Reporting
  5. Employee Welfare and Protection
  6. Effective Communication
  7. Conflict Resolution Mechanisms
  8. Compliance with Laws and Regulations
  9. Regular Audits and Assessments
  10. Training and Awareness
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