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Introduction to Patents Law Services

Patent law refers to refers to the granting and protection of patents in India. A patent is a type of legal protection given by a government to inventors for their fresh, beneficial discoveries. In accordance with patent law, inventors are granted exclusive ownership of their inventions for a certain amount of time, typically 20 years following the filing date of the patent application.


By allowing inventors a monopoly over their ideas, the main goal of patent law is to promote innovation. The right to create, use, sell, or import a patented invention is exclusively granted to the inventor in exchange for sharing their ideas to the public. This monopoly enables innovators to recover their costs, encourages additional study and development, and advances technology.


Ahlawat & Associates is one of the best patent law firms in India. We make sure that the patentability of your asset is upto the mark and help you through all the process and rigorous compliances of patent applications. We have the best patent legal services in India with our team, a group of extremely talents patent and trademark attorneys, provide innovative and novel solutions to all your difficulties.


We help you through the process of patent examination and make sure your exclusive right over your innovation is duly acknowledged. We also provide services for patent infringement that protects your patent from unauthorised use and access and can sue for injunctions, damages and other remedies to secure your rights.


We are not only well established in domestic patent law services but also in the international sphere taking in consideration the provisions of Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) and regional patent systems like the European Patent Convention (EPC).

Importance of Patents for Innovation and Economic Growth

At Ahlawat & Associates, we ensure that you have exclusive rights and financial incentives over your inventions. By providing this unique protection, we encourage businesses and inventors to invest in R&D because they will be able to profit from their innovations. We also contribute to expanding information and developing fresh approaches, items, and technology.

We also ensure that all the compliances and disclosures are properly taken care of. The public’s knowledge and the state of the art are both improved by this revelation. It enables other inventors to expand on prior understanding, learn from earlier innovations, and create fresh, improved technology. This information sharing encourages more creation by laying the groundwork for later developments.

We also help in drafting your patent and licensing agreements. Patent holders can grant permission to use and profit from their patented technology to other businesses or people in exchange for licencing fees or royalties.

Patent law promotes the growth of innovative industries and technology, which increases a country’s economic competitiveness. Research and development facilities, multinational firms, and high-tech industries are attracted to nations that place a high priority on effective patent protection and enforcement. As a result, knowledge-based economies expand, productivity rises, and skilled job increases occur.

Our Approach on Patents Law Services

Ahlawat & Associates is one of the top law firms that provides patent legal services.


  • We conduct a thorough search of existing patents to determine if your innovation is novel and unique. We analyze the search results to assess the potential patentability of an invention, identify any potential obstacles, and provide strategic advice.
  • We take care of all the compliance and regulations required for patent filing and patent application process. We ensure that all the necessary regulations and deadlines are met on time.
  • We also provide patent prosecution services which includes responding to office actions, conducting interviews with patent examiners and making arguments to secure grant of a patent.
  • We ensure that all litigation services are looked after in case of a dispute. We enforce patent rights, defend against infringement claims, and negotiate settlements or licensing agreements.

1. What are Patent Laws in India?

Patent laws in India are governed by the Patents Act, 1970, along with the associated Patent Rules, 2003. These laws provide for the protection and regulation of patents in India.

2. Who provide Patent Law services in India?

In India, several patent law services are available to assist individuals and businesses in navigating the complexities of patent law and the patent application process. These services are typically offered by patent law firms, intellectual property (IP) law firms, and patent agents. Ahlawat & Associates is one of the leading law firms in India providing services related to Patent Laws.
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