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Recruitment and Selection Policy

Introduction to Recruitment and Employment Policies

In this era of globalization, conflicts between the employer and the employee are bound to arise in relation to employment. It is imperative to hire the best lawyers who are well prepared, equipped and possess expertise to handle such disputes on their own legally. From initial hiring contracts, wage disputes, unfair labour practices to legal challenges involving discrimination, human resources recruitment policies have become more stringent over a period of time.


From drafting of complex employment contracts to prevent a class action lawsuit, Ahlawat and Associates will hold your hand through all your tenacious times. We provide a solution-oriented approach pertaining to recruitment and employment challenges. With our team comprising of top-notch legal practitioners, the meticulous exercise of hiring and drafting the requisite recruitment policies will be a trouble-free process.

Overview of Recruitment Policy Objectives and Goals

The recruitment and employment policies vary from company to company depending upon the employee strength of the company, classification of employees, benefits to employees under the applicable labour laws, etc. It is a cumbersome process in relation to the number of compliances that are required to be undertaken by a company.


Ahlawat and Associates, with their years of knowledge and practical industry experience, will guide you through the employment policies that are mandated under the applicable labour and employment laws in India. 


Ahlawat & Associates will make sure the contracts are made in an iron clad manner with no niche for arbitrariness, ambiguity, and mistakes. We draft policies that will optimize your needs at the forefront regarding the terms and conditions of employment, job titles, duties, working hours, compensation, benefits, and termination without jeopardizing the business interests of the company.

Our Approach to Recruitment and Employment Policies

Ahlawat & Associates is recognized as one of the proactive and leading laws firms in matters pertaining to recruitment and formulation of employment policies. We believe that fair employment policies and recruitment processes are the cornerstones of any business entity. Most of the time, organizations are not well prepared, equipped and lack expertise to deal with the recruitment process and formulating employment policies. Therefore, the team at Ahlawat & Associates help such organizations to have customized human resources recruitment policies which are mandated under the applicable laws.


Ahlawat & Associates provides one stop tailor-made solution and assistance in the following ways:


  • Undertake reviewing and drafting of the employment manual to provide information on key policies, including but not limited to leave and holidays, maternity, prevention of sexual harassment, equal opportunity, etc. along with the benefit programs and other relevant information in relation to employment.
  • Ensuring that all the recruitment and selection processes are carried out with the intent to provide equal employment opportunity to the prospective candidates, in every aspect of employment, including recruitment, compensation, training and development.
  • Provide a step-by-step procedure for recruiting the best talent from the industry.
  • Assist in creating work from home policy in line with the business interests and requirements of the company.
  • While creating policies, we take into account the interests of both the employers and the employees, a positive work atmosphere, and recommendations for unanticipated conflicts.
  • Formulate the process for grievance redressal mechanism in relation to handling the employee complaints and disciplinary matters.
  • Formulate the process for performance evaluation and management of the employees.
  • Advising and formulating the procedure in relation to termination, resignation, and retirement.

1. What do you mean by recruitment and employment policy?

An organization’s recruiting and employment policies act as a set of rules and regulations that govern the procedures and methods as far as hiring and managing an employee is concerned. In addition to this, it acts as a framework to ensure consistency, justice, and protection from breaches of employment legislation. With the aid of a well-defined policy, organizations can streamline their hiring process, stay complied with the legal obligations, and foster a great workplace culture for the employees.

2. What are the most common types of employment policies?

Ahlawat & Associates ensure that the regulatory compliances under the applicable laws are strictly adhered to. Few of the most common types of employment policies in India are as follows:
  • Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace
  • Maternity Benefit
  • Equal Remuneration
  • Equal Opportunity
  • Employees’ Provident Fund
  • Payment of Gratuity

3. What are the challenges faced by an organization while formulating employment policies in India?

In India, the labour law legislations are constantly evolving and are amended from time-to-time therefore, it is imperative for the organizations to strictly comply with the up-to-date labour law legislations to avoid any penalties and potential dispute that might arise between an employer and the employee in terms of employment. Furthermore, the organizations need to ensure that the social security benefits are rightfully extended to the employees who are legally entitled to receive them and also protect them from any discriminatory practices and exploitation at the workplace.
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