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The expansion of the Indian diaspora, abroad and the settlement of NRI’s in India, has led to an influx of legal claims and issues faced by them. Given the numerous and different areas of law practised expansively in India, we understand the overwhelming legal complexities NRIs have to endure.


Hence, A&A’s NRI Legal Services in India team provides tailored services to Non- residents and Overseas Citizens of India (OCI holders) in order to assist them with legal issues and resolution of their legal matters, both onshore and offshore and in the process to make their legal experience seamless and effortless.


Legal matters can vary across several issues individually or in an amalgamation. By deriving an understanding from the market of the already existing and possible claims, A&A’s NRI Legal Services in India include but are not limited to property disputes, immigration, commercial advisory, family law and land disputes. This means that we aid with legal representations, document drafting and filing, correspondence, and overall case management for the above-mentioned areas of law.

Ahlawat and Associates is one of the lead provider of NRI Legal Services headquartered in Delhi NCR serving clients PAN India including cities such as Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Pune, Gurugram, Kolkata.

To meet the rising demand for legal services and to be able to cater to all of them, A&A has created a strong NRI and OCI Legal Service team and opened offices in Delhi, Mumbai and Chandigarh.


Our process for dispensing legal services to NRI and OCI clients is to understand the client’s matter thoroughly and explore all possible legal claims related to the matter. Following this, we provide tailored and exclusive advice on each step of the matter as we understand that every legal issue is unique and cannot employ a repetitive and generic method of resolution. Therefore, we practice utmost transparency and accountability with each of our clients including NRIs legal services charges.


In the present day and age with technology at our disposal, NRIs lawyers in India ensure that our clients are not required to travel for the resolution of their matters, unless imperative. While this may sound time-consuming, we aim at providing our legal services proactively and efficiently.

NRIs lawyers in India objective in dispensing legal services is to provide custom, solution-based and efficient advice. By doing this, we aim to alleviate any inconvenience and annoyance the client might face through the legal process.

While A&A provides legal services in varied areas of law, the areas that we are commonly engaged in are land/ property disputes in India; transfer of property, real estate matters and family law matters and others. A&A has assisted NRI clients by protecting their interests over the years and has worked with them in over 25 jurisdictions, thereby being considered amongst the best NRI law firms in India.

Land Disputes

Land Disputes

NRIs property disputes in India include a vast range of controversies. Some of the common issues that NRI’s face in India are adverse possession, legalities in property ownership, the partition of ancestral property and ownership conflicts amongst other things.

Family Disputes

Family Disputes

Family disputes can be very overwhelming and tedious, both at the same time. Our panel of experienced family and divorce lawyers are experts in the field of matrimonial dispute including but not limited to, Divorce, Child custody, Adoption, Property settlement and Maintenance.

Transfer of Property

A&A with their specialized team can assist in combatting the serious legal matters pertaining to Transfer of property. Our team can also assist with: Compliance with FEMA Regulations, Tax implications and stamp duty, Transfer deeds, sale deeds, relinquishment deeds and any other deeds applicable to a matter, Registration of property transfer and verification of documents required for transfer.

Real Estate

Real Estate

Real Estate is one of the most popular investment methods in India. Our team at A&A understands that while being overseas, it can be hard to regulate the sale and purchase of the real estate, therefore our experienced team can assist with; registration of sale deeds, registration of purchase deeds, Compliance with the capital gains tax, Agreement to sell and is registration and other services linked to real estate.

Ahlawat & Associates has a team dedicated to NRIs to provide them with legal services and advisory and to further assist them within matters concerning Indian Laws.

While litigation in India is one of the principal areas of practice at our firm, our team of professional lawyers have had extensive experience in commercial and real estate sector in addition to assisting individuals. Further, our team also holds the reputation of resolving complex legal matters through mediation, conciliation and dispute resolution for both NRIs and Indian citizens.

Experienced Team

Experienced Team

We take pride in dispensing legal services, efficiently and in a timely manner. A&As objectives include optimum management, transparency, and accountability. These objectives are observed in every matter and with every client, guaranteeing the best service available in the legal market.
Having gained experience in NRI Legal matters, our team is trained to handle case legal disputes arising PAN India. Our confidence in providing quality services to NRI clients stems from the years of specialized experience.

Industry Experience

Industry Experience

Over the years, we have established our practice in various cities. Our head office is located in Delhi and our regional offices are located in Mumbai and Chandigarh along with our international counsels in the UK and Australia. Our credibility stands from the numerous matters we have worked on for NRIs. A&A follows a fixed timeline and a process-oriented approach.

Client Centric Approach

Client-Centric Approach

When dealing with clients we ensure that the client establishes trust in us as we understand legal matters can be ongoing and emotionally overwhelming. We guarantee our clients reliability, communication in a timely manner and cost efficiency while maintaining international standards of excellence and creating a bespoke experience for each of our NRI clients.

Cost Efficient


NRIs legal services charges can be very expensive given the competitive market. Clients are presented with detailed and hefty bills for legal advice. We have been successful at maintaining relationships with our clients by providing quality services at a competitive fee. This helps us in delivering the best legal solutions and our clients being satisfied with the cost applied to each service.

Few most frequently asked questions on NRI legal service. Feel free to contact us for any other queries.

1. How to select the best NRI law firm?

#1 Experienced Team
Experience guarantees, better approach towards the case. A&A has assisted and continues to assist clients from over 20 jurisdictions to enter and flourish in India by providing various options to best suit their needs.

#2 Track Record
Having a track record of serving international clients with an understanding of current legal requirements, particularly for NRI’s could be beneficial.

With an aim to provide practical and strategic legal solutions, A&A combines the highest global standards with local expertise.

#3 Transparent process
A transparent workflow to overview the legal process at each step can greatly build the trust of the client in the legal team.

A&A adopted an approach that demands the highest levels of understanding in each of their practice areas and strives to keep the process of workflow and commercials as transparent as possible.

2. What are the services offered by Ahlawat & Associates for NRI?

Ahlawat & Associates NRI Legal Services offer services on various legal issues like property dispute, divorce, child custody, transfer of property, startup advice, India entry and exit strategy and setting up business in India.

3. What are the major Issues Encountered by NRI?

Most common problems that NRIs face when investing in their home country.

  • Confusion over legal rights.
  • Dubious builders.
  • Delay in process
  • Lack of professional advice.
  • Financial Discrimination

4. Why choose A&A for NRI legal assistance?

A&A’s has created a strong NRI Legal Services Delhi team to advise and look after the client’s interest.

Our NRI Legal Services team has been able to direct clients in the right direction to resolve their legal issues quickly and efficiently without requiring a physical presence in India.

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