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Bhupender Tanwar

Bhupender Tanwar

Marketing Executive

Bhupender Tanwar

Practice Areas

  • Marketing and Business Development

Professional Experience

A Digital marketing professional, specializing in SEO with hands-on experience in developing/optimizing online marketing strategies, web analytics SEO rankings, keyword research, site auditing, social media & link building. I am passionate about online marketing to achieve business goals. I have hands-on experience on Google AdWords as well.

Bhupender is an accomplished digital marketing professional with a specialization in website development. He possesses extensive expertise in crafting and enhancing online marketing strategies, conducting web analytics and research, performing site audits, and executing social media and link-building initiatives. He is deeply committed to leveraging online marketing techniques to drive business objectives and is proficient in the utilization of Google AdWords and associated tools.

Marketing Executive Profile:

A Marketing Executive is a pivotal role within an organization’s marketing team, responsible for contributing to and executing marketing strategies to achieve business objectives. This role demands a combination of creative thinking, analytical skills, and a deep understanding of various marketing channels.

A Marketing Executive like Bhupender plays a crucial role in driving a company’s online presence and market share. Their skills in website development, digital strategy, and data analysis make them indispensable assets in achieving and exceeding business goals in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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