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Osheen Sharma

Osheen Sharma


Osheen Sharma

Practice Areas

  • Banking and Insurance Law
  • General Corporate
  • Corporate Commercial Laws

Professional Experience

Osheen graduated in 2018, with specialization in banking and insurance law and she has over 3 years of industry experience in commercial and general corporate law. She cleared her All India Bar Examination and is enrolled with the Bar Council of Delhi since 2018.


She has valuable experience in the legal drafting of agreements, terms, policy, and other related documents. Having handled multinational companies, Fortune 500 companies, and international law offices as clients, she has become adept in handling the legal demands of foreign as well as domestic clients. She has enriched experience in providing legal advisory and solutions to clients in varied fields such as gaming, entertainment, social media networking, foreign direct investment, etc. Her long-standing experience with handling queries and work from multiple foreign clients and international law offices has provided her with extensive outlook of cross-border transactions which has given her the skill to meet the demands of such clients and projects. Hence, for Osheen, providing legal assistance and solutions to diverse clients, across geographies and sectors could be chosen to be called her forte. Besides her corporate experience, she has also had hands-on experience of working on research and drafting throughout her internships under Independent Lawyers, Law Firms and under Hon’ble Judges of Delhi High Court.


In addition to employment and general corporate governance, her big-eyed approach towards law has gained her experience in intellectual property laws, advertising, overseas direct investment, and Visa laws. In her spare time, you are likely to find her in a nook with a novel and a cup of tea.

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