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The historic ties between India and the United Kingdom (UK) have connected both countries for many years, and this is an exciting time for the India-UK trade and economic partnership, especially for British businessmen who see this as an opportunity to invest in the ever-expanding Indian market. With the British Government laying the groundwork for a new post-Brexit economy, the partnership between the UK and India has been noticeably highlighted by the British Prime Minister Theresa May, coming to India in 2016 to showcase their synergies.

In fact, Prime Minister Johnson has time and again, indicated that he wishes to develop an enhanced trade agreement with India, ever since he pitched his tent in favour of Brexit.

UK and India are at an exciting phase in their economic relationship. India has introduced new initiatives to attract investments from businesses globally by enabling companies to conduct business with ease and has instilled confidence by updating and creating new laws such as the Insolvency Laws, Companies Act, Competition and Anti-Trust Law, etc. UK has acknowledged that India is a key player in the World Economic Forum and wants positive trade agreements in place allowing Indian companies to expand and grow in the UK.

In the world where globalization and aggressiveness of trade are at its peak, we at Ahlawat & Associates, understand the need for India and the UK to transcend business borders. With the help of our advocated experienced in the UK law, we are able to operate in both jurisdictions to provide our clients with a local approach in matters pertaining to commercial and international multi-disciplinary company laws. This way, our clients can seek specialist advice in both the UK and Delhi without having to physically travel approximately 4,700 miles in between.


UK Council

Prerna Verma

Prerna is a dual-qualified lawyer based in London. She manages the U.K. related work and coordinates with the India office. She is a qualified Solicitor in England & Wales and is registered as an advocate with the Bar Council in India. She is a corporate lawyer with extensive in-house legal experience in the renewable energy and infrastructure sectors (“Projects”) with multinationals such as the Tata Group in India and Lanco in the U.K. Prerna regularly advise Indian and UK-based clients on their legal affairs in UK and India respectively.


She has comprehensive commercial and legal experience in cross–border transactions within the UK, EMEA and India and routinely represents clients on transactions in India as well as matters crossing the jurisdictional boundaries. She endeavours to channelise seamless service for our UK Clients dealing with Indian Law and businesses. 


Her Projects involve high-value commercial contracts, such as non-disclosure agreements, share purchase agreements, shareholder’s agreements, construction-related contracts such as engineering procurement construction agreements, operation and maintenance agreements, sub-contract and procurement agreements and credit facility-related documents. Her strong suit is the broad range of commercial, legal and strategy experience that she has gained over the years.


Range Of Services

Our team of Lawyers offer a full range of legal services including but not limited to:  

  • Merger & Acquisition
  • Setting up Business Operations
  • Foreign Direct Investment
  • Company Incorporation
  • Cross-Border Transactions
  • Banking & Finance
  • Dispute Resolution & Arbitration
  • Employment Laws
  • Raising Capital
  • Regulatory Approvals and obtaining required registrations
  • Secretarial and Corporate Compliance
  • Due Diligence
  • Real Estate Support
  • Intellectual Property
  • Contracts & Agreements
  • Executive Compensation


International Experience

Our firm specialises in advising and supporting large and medium scale international corporations with business interests in India. Due to our speciality in this field majority of our clientele consists of international corporations. Our firm currently represents clients from over 20 jurisdictions.

Our firm has the experience of advising companies across various sectors including but not limited to healthcare, education, insurance, technology, real estate investment, charities, food and agribusiness, farming and private wealth, etc. Some of the important transactions that our firm has recently advised on are:

  • A technology-based company in the UK had been wrongly advised about their India entry structuring. We identified the issues and resolved the matter, worth USD 150 Million, and provided the most cost-effective and legally compliant solution to our client. We continue to provide day to day advisory solutions to the Company as well as ensure up to date legal compliance.
  • Devised an Indian Entry Strategy for a UK based company. The transaction was worth USD 45 million. Also, undertook the necessary compliances required for reporting the transaction with the government authority i.e. Reserve Bank of India.
  • Assisted a UK subsidiary in drafting the requisite inter-company agreements in order to avoid being hit by the transfer pricing guidelines pertaining to related party transactions. Also, assist them in obtaining the relevant licenses for operating in India.
  • Assisting set up of the UK based subsidiary in India in providing financial services through technology-based platforms.
  • Assisted a private limited manufacturing company, with all labour-related issues, including but not limited to compliances, employment manuals and contracts, intercompany agreements, drafting of lease agreements, procurement of the necessary factory licenses for their facilities.
  • The Firm has been instrumental in setting up the client’s office in India, in a matter involving USD 6 million. The firm has taken relevant government approvals and registrations. The Firm has negotiated various contracts and agreements for lease, tenders, AMC, etc


Our UK Desk

A&A offers a unique and responsive source of comprehensive UK-India advice. With extensive business and commercial knowledge stretching over a decade in the UK, we have developed wide experience in handling complex elements pertaining to the needs of doing business, both in the UK and India. Our lawyers experienced in the UK law have been instrumental in devising tailor-made solutions relating to In-bound and Out-bound transactions and has successfully led various companies on their UK-India entry strategies.

The team at Ahlawat & Associates has more than 100 years of collective experience in India and the UK. Our team is fluent in both Eastern and Western business customs, and this helps us seamlessly navigate between different cultures in pursuit of their goals.

We have been involved in various programs to help UK companies such as the ‘Access India Programme’, launched by the Indian High Commission in the UK. 

Our team of experienced lawyers understand the importance of responsive, in-person communication and relationships with our clients, and we endeavour to have open lines of contact and frequent visits at our clients’ places of business whenever possible.

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