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Compliance with Employment and Labour law have become one of most important issues that any company operating in India needs to deal with. Our employment and labour teams are adept in advising clients on the plethora of regulations that need to be complied with by companies looking to do business in India. Our team has vast experience in labour law services and moulding the client’s global policies to meet the Indian requirements and ensure that the companies are fully compliance with the employment law and labour laws.


Apart from having a strong team and labour law consultants within the firm, A & A has also engaged the services of various labour law consultants in India spread across various states and districts. This has provided A&A the unique ability to advise clients even in situations wherein the clients facilities are in remote areas. A&A is one of the very few employment law firms in India who has the capability to advise clients irrespective of their location.


Be it organizational structuring, employment compliance laws, acquisitions, outsourcing, data protection, international workforce relations, litigations or risk management, our labour law consultants services adopt a solution oriented practical approach to address these issues and drive the client into a direction where workforce management is carried out in the simplest manner with minimum deviations, while maintaining compliancy with the laws and ethics of the incorporation.


Our clientele ranges from national to international clients, who seek advice from employment law firms on national as well as ways to blend in their international practices so that they are compliant to the laws and regulations of the state within which they operate, while staying with the company’s philosophy and ethos. We also undertake the responsibility of reviewing employee documentations, transfer and drafting requests, structuring of ESOPs, termination and restrictive bonds in labour law services. Along with this, we also bear experience in advising through organisational restructuring, outsourcing and reductions in workforce.


We have represented clients who have found themselves in situations which they feel cornered into by potentially dangerous claims by employees and labour. Our firm has vast experience in defending corporations and the government in claims filed by the employees/labour.


Ahlawat and Associates is one of the leading Employment and Labour Law Firms headquartered in Delhi NCR serving clients PAN India including cities such as Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Pune, Gurugram, Kolkata.

Scope of our practices:

  • Compliance with Employment and Labour Laws;
  • Drafting of all related documentations such as Letter of Offer, Employment Agreements, Employment Manuals, amongst others.
  • Drafting company employment/HR policies and compliance manuals.
  • Structuring employee compensations/ benefits/ perks.
  • Structuring and drafting of Employee Stock options plans.
  • Drafting of Sexual Harassment Policies and compliance with the same.
  • Assistance in downsizing and retrenchment.

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