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The advertising, media and entertainment industry has seen copious growth over the last decade. While the media in India has been mostly self-regulated, it is crucial to consult with experienced legal professionals to navigate the complex landscape of media law. Media law firms can provide valuable legal guidance and assistance so that you can avoid legal pitfalls and thrive in this ever-evolving industry.

 However, the production of media is a multi-layered process involving various players such as producers, artists, agents, journalists, publishers, firms and others. Interacting with such a wide variety of audience ensues many legal confusions and complicated agreements. The intangible and creative aspect of the materials complicates the process further. 

 With more than a decade of experience in the entertainment industry, A&A has gained a reputation that places them amongst the best media and entertainment law firms in India.

 Ahlawat and Associates is one of the leading Media & Entertainment Law Firms headquartered in Delhi NCR serving clients PAN India including cities such as Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Pune, Gurugram, Kolkata.

A&A’s Expertise In Media & Entertainment

Ahlawat & Associates’ media and entertainment team has in-depth knowledge and experience in this sector and holds latitudinal experience across advising clients on both ends of the spectrum – publication & Production. The firm holds experience across motion pictures, television, internet and digital media content, animated content, music, celebrity management, artist management, influencers management, brand endorsements, influencers contracts, brand endorsements, celebrity endorsements, publishing, content related contracts. amongst others. The firm’s team of media & entertainment lawyers in India work alongside clients to provide solutions within the legal and regulatory framework, advising on all aspects from incubation, production, development, publication to distribution through consultations, negotiations and agreements for employment, due diligence, publication and agency deals, performances, collaborations and derivatives.

Our Media Law Services

A&A offers assistance to both domestic and international clients on India’s comprehensive entertainment, media and advertising laws and also provide advisory services on issues relating to gaming & sports.

Our lawyers have a strong background of representing clients in issues pertaining to telecast rights, intellectual property disputes, antitrust and pricing issues amongst others. Our services are listed as follow:

  • Pre-broadcast Counselling
  • Talent Contracts
  • Artist Contracts
  • Influencers Contracts
  • Director Contracts
  • Lead Artist Contracts
  • Music Director Contracts
  • Writer Contracts
  • Agency Contracts
  • Distribution Contracts
  • Syndication Contracts
  • Distribution, broadcast, syndication rights and deals;
  • Television format rights and script options and purchases;
  • Piracy & Fair Use
  • Acquisition of pre-existing copyright works, like books, films, plays and others
  • Format adaptations and format licensing
  • Multi-media, digital and new technology services;
  • Intellectual Property issues including acquisition and management, digital rights management, copyright and designs law, moral rights, passing off
  • Strategic alliances and partnerships, acquisitions and related agreements;
  • Dispute resolution, Arbitration and Litigation.

Work Highlights

  • Worked with a major publishing house on a variety of intellectual property, commercial and data privacy matters
  • Advised up-and-coming and established authors on a range of publishing deals and copyright issues
  • Advised publishing start-ups on commercial and data protection issues
  • Advised our client in financing of new television productions
  • Advised our clients in relation to broadcast issues
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Expert Professionals

Our Focus Areas

Talent Management & Brand Endorsement

Talent management in law firms focuses on representing talent management companies and entertainment industry professionals.

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Internet And Digital Media

In India, the internet and digital media have drastically changed how we interact, work, and consume information.

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Publishing Laws

Publishing law refers to the legal framework and regulations that govern the publication and distribution of various forms of content, including books, newspapers, magazines, online materials, and other published works.

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With more than a decade of industry experience in Media & Entertainment laws, A&A is one of India’s preeminent entertainment, media and technology law firms.

Our ability to provide clients with creative and cost-effective legal solutions, tailored to their specific requirements has gained us much respect over the years.

At A&A, we pride ourselves on the scope of our network of professional relationships across the entertainment industry, both in India and globally.

Experienced Team

At A&A, we sincerely believe that our team of experts are our main strength. Our philosophy has driven us to ensure that we have the best media and entertainment lawyers in our team in order to provide immaculate services to our clients. The team is proficient at handling matters relating to media, entertainment and technology PAN India.

Industry Experience

Though our team of media & entertainment lawyers is based at our law office in Mumbai, our PAN India presence makes it feasible for us to address issues relating to our services anywhere in India and internationally. We take advantage of our experience in the field of media and entertainment by providing the best inline services to our clients through our influential legal team in a timely and productive manner that has enabled us to become one of the best media and entertainment law firms in India.

Client-Focused Strategy

A&A offers a framework that needs the finest degree of expertise, technological capabilities, and delivery of services, which enables us to offer credible, efficient, prompt, and premium guidance while upholding universal standards of quality and providing a personalized experience. Our exceptional experience of working as a vital member of our client’s teams and facing challenges alongside them, helps us approach their issues like our own.


We ensure that our fee arrangement and the legal expenses incurred are very straightforward and manageable for our consumers. We assume that connections between clients are founded on faith and a sense of shared interest. Our focus has been to offer the best litigation & business options, and our commercials are structured and personalized to the consumer’s needs, the goals of the customer, and the complexities of the subject.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What can a media and entertainment lawyer do for you?

    Entertainment lawyers represent and protect the interest of productions, creatives, talents, companies in multiple areas of the entertainment industry, such as: films, music videos, television, OTT, theatre, publishing and others.

  2. What are the types of media law?

    Media law is a vast field in itself. Communication and media laws covers an area of law which involves dealing in all legal and corporate issues in the broadcast, media and entertainment industry.These laws stretch over various legal fields, including but not limited to corporate, finance, intellectual property, publicity and privacy in the entertainment and media industry.

  3. How to select the best media and entertainment law firm?

    While selecting a media and entertainment law firm, one should keep in mind the expertise. An experienced team of dedicated entertainment and specialists who work exclusively on media and entertainment laws could greatly benefit a company dealing issues in the media, entertainment and sports industry.

  4. Why choose A&A for media and entertainment?

    Ahlawat & Associates’ media and entertainment practice boasts of a dedicated team of entertainment experts who have gained several years of experience working in sports, media and entertainment.In the media, we’re assisting our key clients with innovation and change of our own. Whether you’re in TV, film, social media, digital commerce, gambling, news, sports, data, entertainment, talent, media technology, a brand owner, a rightsholder, an agency, a financier and whether you are a solo entrepreneur or are running a global business, we think you’d find our entertainment specialists quite insightful and dynamic in their approach.


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