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Employment and Labour Law

The Human Resource legal division at Ahlawat & Associates (Labour and Workforce) practice facilitating assistance on legal, tax related and statutory matters in terms of workforce management. In the Indian business scene, there is a plethora of labour laws and regulations that need to be amended before employing people in a company. These administrative as well as judicial laws are central as well as state specific. The applicability of these statutes depends heavily on factors governing them, such as the nature of work, strength, remuneration etc.

Being an active witness to the cultural shifts in the business context and the growth of industries, all contributing to the radical changes in work staff management techniques, our team at Ahlawat & Associates are well versed in addressing issues related to employment management compliance.

Be it organizational structuring, employment compliance laws, acquisitions, outsourcing, data protection, international workforce relations, litigations (local, cross-border or collective) or risk management, our lawyers adopt a solution oriented practical approach to address these issues and drive the client into a direction where workforce management is carried out in the simplest manner with minimum deviations, while maintaining compliancy with the laws and ethics of the incorporation.

Our clientele ranges from national to international clients, who seek advice on national as well as international labor laws and its complex aspects so that they are compliant to the laws and regulations of the state/ country within which they operate. We also undertake the responsibility of reviewing employee documentations, transfer and drafting requests, structuring of ESOPs, termination and restrictive bonds in arrangements. Along with this, we also bear experience in advising through organizational restructuring, outsourcing and reductions in work force.

We have represented clients who have found themselves in situations which they feel cornered into by potentially dangerous claims as well as employees. We have an able force of defense attorneys; in case an organization is facing a lawsuit or has found itself in contentious affairs.

Scope of our practices:

  • Corporate compliance and conduct resolution Employment strategies and drafting all related documentations such as Letter of Offer, Letters of Intent, Employment Agreements, Employment Manuals, amongst others.
  • Drafting company policies and compliance rules.
  • Structuring employee compensations/ benefits/ perks.
  • Stock options and share plans.
  • Compliance relation to sexual harassment laws and assistance in forming the required committee.
  • Employment compliance checklists and security actions.
  • Defense against lawsuits and copyright protection.
  • Non-disclosure agreements and confidentiality agreements.
  • Downsizing of workforce and termination clauses/procedures.
  • Organizational compliance with state as well as country laws.