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Without a proper review of FDI guidelines at the start of a transaction, a transaction can be exposed to multiple legal challenges which can lead to increased costs.


The growth and enhancement of FDI systems globally coupled with an expansion of industries accentuate the need for effective FDI consultants from a transaction’s inception through its completion. Advance preparation of an investment strategy is invaluable to obtaining timely approval for transactions consistent with deal objectives.


Investments, with the advice of FDI consultants equipped with optimal legal knowledge, can be structured in multiple ways and simplify many tedious details involved in entering a new jurisdiction. A&A is known as one of the leading FDI consultants in India and legal advisors for the India Entry Strategy. Over a period of time, the FDI consultants  have carved out a niche in the area of structuring foreign investment and assisting investors, companies, businesses and venture capital funds in entering India in a legally compliant and cost-effective manner.


Ahlawat and Associates is one of the leading Foreign Direct Investment Law Firms headquartered in Delhi NCR serving clients PAN India including cities such as Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Pune, Gurugram, Kolkata.

Our experience as FDI consultants in cross-border transactions and India Entry Strategy has given us an in-depth understanding of the various issues that arise when a foreign entity makes an investment in India. A&A’s team of lawyers enable investors and businesses to navigate through the ever-evolving and increasingly challenging regulatory landscapes while assisting them every step of the way to be fully integrated and compliant with the laws and regulations of the land.

A&A’s experienced FDI consultants in India to develop and implement comprehensive structures to ensure investment transactions are successful, completed in a timely manner and meet the deal objectives and agenda. At the same time, the firm recognises the crucial need to ensure that companies can access their legal expertise at any time in moving investments forward, if and when legal issues arise. A&A FDI consultants arms its advice with the latest information on related foreign direct investment in India regulations, laws and rulings and seeks to attain the best possible outcome for investors and companies.  


A&A regularly supports businesses, investors, private equity funds and venture capital funds to form or invest in business entities for international mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, teaming agreements, tender documents, development and marketing partnerships, foreign distribution, and other investment agreements. Businesses from every industry are continuously looking for new ways to raise capital and are seeking out new opportunities, A&A assists in isolating the best opportunities for their clients based on their goals. 

FDI Structuring

FDI Structuring

FDI advisory, both in India and abroad, is a significant area of our legal advisory services where we engage our team of legal experts skilled in the field to provide specialist FDI advisory for our clients. In addition to offering proficient FDI advisory services, our full-service law firm extends the full spectrum of legal services for doing business in India.

FEMA / RBI Compliance

FEMA / RBI Compliance

One of the biggest considerations in expanding to newer jurisdictions is the regulatory and compliance rules that a company needs to adhere to. A&A has a dedicated team of lawyers that has the expertise required to ensure full regulatory compliance in each aspect of investing or setting up a business.

Greenfield and Brownfield Investments

Greenfield and Brownfield Investments

A&A has always acknowledged and successfully addressed the primary purposes of investment, ranging from targeting customers in a foreign region to building facilities and employing labour for work that reduces a company’s overall costs. With the current push of the government of India towards ‘Make in India’ and the various schemes for promoting manufacturing in India such as the PLI schemes, there has been a massive increase in the investments in Greenfield and Brownfield projects. A&A has advised on and structured such investments for various clients.


JV’s & Mergers and Acquisitions

Being a full-service law firm our FDI experts and M&A team work seamlessly, ensuring a fully coordinated team approach to successfully steer deals from the initial discussion stages to the closing. Since not every client is looking at setting up a wholly-owned subsidiary, we constantly advise clients on joint venture and M&A transactions when they look to invest in India.

  • Advised an Ed Tech giant on acquisition of Ed Tech content creator, solutions and modules developer and Augumented Reality.
  • Advised a foreign entity in setting up in India as an Insurance web aggregator.
  • Represented multiple overseas investors for their investments in Indian Startups
  • Advised a foreign entity to setup an Indian wholly-owned subsidiary to facilitate trade of digital assets.
Experienced Team

Experienced Team

A&A has been involved in some of the most successful FDI transactions. The vast experience gained from handling simple investments to large and complex transactions has enabled us to discharge our responsibilities including providing sound legal advice, identifying legal risks, creating all-encompassing documentation, and undertaking result-oriented negotiations in an efficient manner.
Industry Experience

Industry Experience

A&A lawyers provide services to foreign investors in all areas of laws including corporate and financial services regulations in acquiring, managing and divesting investments. As well as rendering advisory services on the legal, regulatory and procedural requirements of FEMA and other regulatory laws to ensure their clients’ foreign investments are well protected.
Client Centric Approach

Client-Centric Approach

A&A has always advised and successfully worked side by side with overseas investors (from all over the world) to launch, make acquisitions, invest and transact business in the most cost effective and mutually beneficial manner.
Cost Efficient


We make sure that our fee structure and the legal costs involved are very transparent and predictable for our clients.
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