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Introduction to Corporate Governance & Compliance Advisory

With an increase in the number of businesses all over the world, the profit-making mechanism was set into motion. With the increase of such a mechanism, the need was felt for better governance that would promote the rights of the shareholders and employees more than the materialistic greed of key managerial personnel. With the Satyam and Reebok scam taking place in India, and the Enron scam in the USA, the need for corporate governance was felt all over the world. Hence, came a mechanism of compliance and procedures that would increase shareholder value and build the trust of the public in these companies. 


Ahlawat & Associates is one of the leading firms when it comes to Corporate Governance Consulting and Advisory in India. With its expansive experience in dealing with various corporate entities like MNCs, firms, proprietorships, partnerships, and many more, Ahlawat & Associates can ensure that the best Compliance lawyers in India will be at your service and make sure your company is the one that stands out. 

Importance of Corporate Governance and Compliance for Businesses

Corporate governance and regulatory compliance form a vital part of a company’s management structure. It is a multidisciplinary field that includes a wide range of legal and non-legal subjects like accounting, human resources management, ethics, and law. 


Ahlawat & Associates believes in the importance of corporate governance lying in the fact that the board and the management will now be more accountable to the stakeholders of the corporation. 

Furthermore, companies these days are transnational. The immediate and long-term effect of biased management and future collapse affects not one nation but across the globe. Hence, not only national but also international corporate law and advisory services are required of a firm. 


Ahlawat & Associates help prevents scams that take place due to greed and unethical practices within the management of a company and protect the company in the long run. We also help in reviving the interests of the investors on the board and management as a whole which further leads to increased investment and economic development.


In addition to ensuring that the business runs within the confines of legal and regulatory compliances, Ahlawat & Associates also make sure that a good corporate governance structure is in place which encourages ethical conduct, accountability, and transparency. This increases stakeholder trust, lowers the possibility of legal action and reputational damage, and ultimately helps the business succeed in the long run.


Ahlawat & Associates is one such firm that provides these niche services in the field of corporate governance advisory and consulting in India not only domestically but also across borders. It helps promote an environment of transparency and consciousness which leads to healthy and organic growth of the body corporate. Ahlawat & Associates focuses on the sustainable development of the corporate so that it can have a long and healthy future. 

Developing Policies and Procedures for Effective Governance and Compliance

Ahlawat & Associates as a firm believes that Corporate Governance and Compliance Advisory is one of the prime services which every corporate law firm should provide. It is one of the best corporate governance law firms in India catering to a wide range of clients ranging from domestic to pan India. 

  • Ethical practices of the board: We ensure that the decisions taken at the board level are ethical and objective so that the interests of all the involved parties are protected. 
  • Presence of independent directors: We also make sure that there are independent directors present who ensure that the decisions arrived at take care of the welfare of the stakeholders.  
  • Transparency and Clarity: We also secure that adequate information is available to those taking the decisions and those are arrived at based on transparency and clarity instead of any hidden agendas. 
  • Unbiased selection of employees: We ensure that selections taking place inside the corporation are done in an unbiased and non-prejudicial manner so that every aspect of the candidate is taken into consideration. 
  • Protection from future governmental action– We make sure that all the compliances and advisory obligations are taken following the latest statutes so that the company is protected from future governmental action. 
  • Audit– Ahlawat & Associates will make sure that the annual financial audit which is one of the basic structures of good corporate governance takes place as per the rules of the Companies Act 2013 and SEBI regulations. 


Ahlawat & Associates makes sure that the interests of the shareholders are properly reinforced and mitigated. 

Our Approach to Corporate Governance & Compliance Advisory

  • Ahlawat & Associates believes that ethics and ethical practices are the only way to good corporate governance. 
  • We have assisted several clients in managing their businesses further and in a way that all the corporate law compliances take place according to the statutes. 
  • We have one of the best compliance lawyers in corporate law compliance and advisory services which makes sure that all the complex rules and regulations are met to prevent future governmental action. 
  • We provide innovative and holistic solutions to the most complex problems with our practical experience and knowledge and make sure your company stands out when it comes to good corporate governance. 
  • We make sure that all the SEBI, RBI, and other governmental regulations are properly abided by thereby catering to the ultimate satisfaction and expectations of our clients. 

1. What is Corporate Governance?

Corporate governance is the set of laws, customs, and procedures that regulate and control an organization. It entails striking a balance between the interests of a company’s numerous stakeholders, including shareholders, management, clients, vendors, financiers, the government, and the general public.

2. What is Compliance Advisory?

Compliance advisory refers to the direction and assistance given to businesses to make sure they are abiding by pertinent laws, regulations, and internal policies. It aids businesses in risk management, litigation avoidance, and reputation maintenance.

3. What are the compliances required by companies in India?

  • Companies Act 2013- it provides certain compliances like filing of annual returns, annual general and extraordinary meetings, the appointment of directors, etc.
  • Tax compliances- compliances are required concerning Goods and Services Tax (GST), Income Tax Act 1961, Tax Deducted at Source, and Advance Tax.
  • Labour Law compliances- include various labour laws like the Employee Provident Fund (EPF), Employees’ State Insurance (ESI) Act, and the Payment of Bonus Act.
  • Environmental Compliances- compliances with various central and state acts like the Air and Water Act and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).
  • Data Protection Compliances- the companies have to comply with the data privacy laws in India provided under the Personal Data Protection Bill 2019.
  • Ahlawat & Associates helps in Corporate Law Compliance and Advisory Services. It is one of the best Corporate Governance law firms in India.
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