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Ever since the emergence of blockchain technology (a decentralized, distributed ledger that records the provenance of a digital asset), the term ‘Cryptocurrency’ has started to come forth as a promising future prospect. Cryptocurrency is essentially a digital or virtual currency/asset-based on blockchain technology, that is secured by cryptography, to control the creation of additional coins, and to verify the transfer of coin ownership. With its growing popularity in the Indian market, the governance of cryptocurrency in India due to lack of statutes, regulations and guidelines, has been in a state of flux in the recent past.


The Reserve Bank of India, in April 2018, through a circular prohibited all Commercial and Cooperative Banks, Payment Banks, Small Finance Banks, Payment System Providers and Non-banking Financial companies from dealing in virtual currencies; however, the Supreme Court of India lifted the ban imposed by RBI and reversed the standpoint. This emerging segment of technology, despite receiving clarifications from the Reserve Bank of India and Supreme Court of India, is still not widely welcomed by the developers and investors in India as it is not recognised as a legal tender in India.


Ahlawat and Associates offering blockchain legal services has gained vast experience in dealing with clients engaged in the services of cryptocurrency and other digital assets and representing their interests before various financial institutions. Our crypto legal advice is led by highly experienced cryptocurrency lawyers in India who bring in their unique depth of legal expertise to cater for the needs of our clients engaged in providing digital asset and/or cryptocurrency services. Our blockchain law firm caters to the needs of our clients from inception to the day to day compliances for ensuring successful and swift operations in this promising sector of technology.


Ahlawat and Associates has one of the best Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Lawyers headquartered in Delhi NCR serving clients PAN India including cities such as Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Pune, Gurugram, Kolkata.

Our cryptocurrency lawyers in India wide and in-depth knowledge in the issues pertaining to cryptocurrency/ virtual currency/ digital currency has allowed us to understand the requirement of our clients engaged in the aforesaid services. Our team of blockchain lawyers possess sound knowledge in this nascent segment, ensuring the client with the best professional solutions to the most complex legal concerns.


A&A’s blockchain lawyers can assist developers, investors, and organisations to navigate the legal intricacies of cryptocurrency through best possible crypto legal advice. We are committed to strategically protect and represent the interest of our clients in any, simple and/or complex, legal issues presented before them while engaged in the financial technology sector encompassing cryptocurrency.

Our blockchain law firm attorneys are equipped with the advanced knowledge and experience of providing the following blockchain legal services:

  • Advisory with respect to recent updates in the field of cryptocurrency and necessary disclosure requirements;
  • Implementation of requisite policy framework to ensure strict compliance with prevailing guiding statutes and regulations;
  • Strategize establishment of a viable corporate structure for swift and hindrance free commencement of business operations; and
  • Advisory with respect to intellectual property rights in the cryptocurrency business including copyrights, trademarks, digital media licensing etc.
  • Advised clients on cryptocurrency and digital assets pertaining to the regulations and disclosures required for the regular and swift operations of the business.
  • Advised our clients on the best suitable structuring arrangements for the services pertaining to cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets.
  • Advised our international clients engaged in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology on foreign exchange regulations with respect to inward and outward remittance and direct & indirect taxation.
  • Advised on the policy framework and drafted policies required for the standard operations of the services pertaining to Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology including but not limited to “Know Your Customer Policy”, “Anti Money Laundering Policy” and others.
Experienced Team

Experienced Team

At A&A, we sincerely believe that our team of experts are our main strength. Our philosophy has driven us to ensure that we have the best cryptocurrency and blockchain technology lawyers in our team in order to guide our clients through the legal intricacies of cryptocurrency. The team is proficient at handling matters relating to cryptocurrency for both domestic and international clients.
Industry Experience

Industry Experience

A&A has been able to cater to the needs of the clients engaged in cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets in the virtual assets’ ecosystem. Our team of attorneys have successfully guided and advised our clients engaged in the services of cryptocurrency and virtual assets with the best possible legal advice. We have counselled our clients on the issues pertaining to the applicability and implications of foreign exchange regulations with respect to inward and outward remittance, direct and indirect taxation, procurement of necessary statutory registration and licenses; and other related compliances to cater for the needs for swift operations of the clients engaged in the cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets.
Client Centric Approach

Client-Focused Strategy

A&A adopts an approach that demands the highest levels of knowledge, technical skill and service delivery allowing us to provide accurate, reliable, timely, and cost-effective advice while maintaining international standards of excellence and create a bespoke approach for every client and their business. Our unique perspective of working on our client’s matters as a critical part of their team allows us to address their problems like our own. We believe that each client comes with different requirements and concerns – and we work tirelessly to achieve their goals and pursue their objectives.
Cost Efficient


A&A adopts a transparent fee structure and efficient legal costs methodology for our clients. We make sure to provide fast and cost-effective legal services to our domestic and international clients. Our purpose is to provide the best legal solutions with effective pricing methods catering to individual client needs. We make sure that our fee structure and the legal costs involved are predictable for our clients. We believe that client relationships are based on trust and a sense of common purpose. Our priority has been to deliver the best legal & business solutions and our fee arrangements are tailored to the needs of the client, the client’s goals, and the nature of the matter.
We serve clients globally with our headquarters in New Delhi and offices in Gurgaon, Mumbai and Chandigarh.






Few most frequently asked questions on cryptocurreny & blockchain technology. Feel free to contact us for any other queries.

1. How to choose a blockchain law firm?

New technologies present new challenges and it is important to choose a law firm that understands the fundamentals of these emerging technologies and have dealt with clients in a similar space earlier.

2. What are the laws around cryptocurrency?

There is still an evident lack of clarity with respect to cryptocurrency regulations in India.

3. What do cryptocurrency lawyers do?

Lawyers experienced in cryptocurrency could assist in formulating and adequately structure the organization to ensure the correct and legally compliant structure.

4. Why choose A&A as your cryptocurrency law firm?

With significant experience managing cryptocurrency and digital asset clients in India and internationally, A&A has gained adequate experience in addressing the concerns of our clients and providing them with efficient legal recourse and structures which could ensure the smooth functioning of their business operations.
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