NRI Property Disputes

Property Disputes

A&A’s NRI Legal Service India Team includes a specialized team of lawyers available to provide legal services on all land dispute issues and claims that may arise for NRIs. A lot of the land dispute matters, which A&A deals with are related to delayed transactions and/or delayed action. Land dispute claims can range from partition of ancestral property to adverse possession of an owned property.

Land disputes are the most recurring and frequent disputes that arise in the Indian context as well as in the NRI context. To deal with this, A&A provides expert services around land law. A&A acknowledges the difficulties faced by NRIs when confronted with property matters abruptly. The firm has devised a system to help clients through engaging them and being the intermediary between them and the court notices. A&A provides customized advice to its clients and follows a resolution-built approach to understanding and advise clients.

A&A’s expertise in Land and property disputes

Our expertise is built on quick action and our aim is to not have our clients travel to India for any property claims that may arise. The property dispute team at A&A has experience of numerous years practising law in various jurisdictions in India and worked with several clients on specific property-related matters.

Property matters involve visiting Indian courts regularly and can be draining. At A&A we believe, we can provide proper representation to our clients and be approachable and accountable at the same time to ensure that our clients have to face minimum stress in regard to the legal procedures.

Our Legal Service for NRIs

With years of experience, Ahlawat & Associates has been able to place itself amongst the top NRI law firms in India. Our NRI clients generally engage us for the following services in property disputes:

  • adversely possessed property
  • transfer of ownership of the property
  • dispute over the partition of ancestral property
  • misrepresentation or false documentation by buyer/seller
  • land disputes under wills and other related matters
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