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Corporate governance is a term which is not unknown to anyone. Compliant and well-structured business is a key to success of every entity. A business entity can be structured in multiple ways, however deciding as to what kind of structure will suit the best and how to keep it in good standing all year round by being fully complaint is where the role of company secretary in companies law comes into play.
A&A is a full-fledged law firm having company secretarial services as one of the core division which provides a comprehensive range of services which includes setting up the corporate business entity including ‘Business Set-Up services’ and ‘Regular Compliance services’. The team consists of company secretaries in Delhi who are assisting clients to setup and manage their business across India. This unique mixture of company secretaries and lawyers has enabled A&A to be recognised as one of the best company secretarial law firms in India. A&A ensures to upkeep all the statutory and regulatory compliances in a time bound manner and to safeguard the clients from any liabilities that may be arising.
The team of A&A in company secretarial services provides comprehensive services in all the areas right from setting up of the company till it is wound up. The firm provides end-to-end corporate advisory and compliances services including but not only limited to Companies Act 2013, Foreign Exchange Management Act 1999 (FEMA 1999), Securities and Exchange Board of India Act, 1992. Some of the key areas which law firms’ company secretary team deal with on routine basis are:-
  • Incorporation and setting up of all types of companies
  • Setting up of LLP in India
  • Obtaining approval and creating a business setup in India through a branch office, project office or liaison office
  • Assistance in convening the meeting of board of directors and shareholders.
  • Drafting of various resolutions, maintaining the minutes books and statutory records of the company as mandatorily required to be maintained under the law.
  • Secretarial audit services
  • Conducting due diligence on a company or generating any other specific search reports in respect of the Companies as required from time to time;
  • Providing extensive assistance to foreign companies inclined to start business in India under the government’s foreign direct investment policy and assistance in various filing and intimation to the Reserve Bank of India in relation with the foreign direct investment in the company.
  • Shifting of registered office from one state to another.
  • Strike off and voluntary winding up of companies
  • Drafting, filing and obtaining order for compounding of offences under Companies Act, 2013 and FEMA,1999.
  • Assistance in major constitutional changes in the companies such as change of company name, registered offices, business objects, financial year, increase/decrease of registered share capital or any other change as required from time to time;
  • Drafting and filing petitions to Registrar of Companies and Regional Director.
  • Undertaking all the regular statutory compliances such as change of directors, appointment of auditors, filing of various returns such as DPT-3, MSME, annual filing compliances including XBRL filing.
Once the company is registered it makes a lot of economic sense to stay compliant and keep the working efficient and uninterrupted. More Prominently company secretary in companies law plays an indispensable role, which can be replaced by none. The team of Company Secretaries at A&A with their in-depth knowledge and experience in dealing with various corporate, regulatory and secretarial matters has proven to be one of the best law firms diligently serving the client industry. The law firm has been catering to the requirement of foreign investors for establishment of company in India, their business operations and infusion of funds from foreign countries in compliance within the permissible FDI entry routes and other norms. The role of company secretary in company law cannot only be confined to adhering to compliances but is also equally extended to advisory and legal opinion. A&A has acted as a trusted advisor to clients across various sectors that rely on our expertise and problem-solving approach.
  • Establishment of foreign subsidiaries and reporting of foreign remittance to Reserve Bank of India
  • Infusion of fund through private placement & preferential offer basis
  • Advising on structuring of company
  • Obtained approvals from Reserve bank of India for opening of Branch, Project & Liaison office
  • Advised on Overseas direct investment
  • Advised on External Commercial Borrowings
  • Re-structuring of company through swap of shares
  • Conducted Secretarial Audit of listed companies
  • Conducted secretarial due diligence of companies of different sectors
  • Successfully completed voluntary winding up of companies

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Time is money. At A& A we aim to ensure that our clients get steady solution to every query and all the compliances are completed on time without any penalty. Promptness and proactiveness in dealing with the work are one of the most appreciated feature of A&A.
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A&A has a brand value in market since every client enjoys a high level of personal and quality services. Meeting the commitments and timely delivery is core to our working culture.
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Law is ever changing and hence the impact of each such amendment must be assessed for every company. A&A keeps itself abreast with all the latest amendments and ensures timely compliance.
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We make sure that our fee structure and costs involved are very transparent and predictable for our clients. We believe that client relationships are based on trust and a sense of common purpose, and we never falter on our promise making us one of the best corporate law firms in India. Our priority has been to deliver the best legal & business solutions and our fee arrangements are tailored to the needs of the client, the client’s goals, and the nature of the matter.
We serve clients globally with our headquarters in New Delhi and offices in Gurgaon, Mumbai and Chandigarh.






1. How many directors and shareholders are required to form a private limited company?

A private limited company shall have minimum two directors and two shareholders.

2. What is wholly owned foreign subsidiary?

Where the 100% investment in an entity registered in India is owned by a foreign entity it is called as wholly owned foreign subsidiary. Foreign direct investment is permitted upto 100% under automatic route subject to applicable laws and sectoral conditions. Countries sharing land border with India are required to undergo government approval for foreign direct investments.

3. What is a convertible note?

A convertible note is an instrument issued by a start-up company evidencing receipt of money initially as debt, which is repayable at the option of the holder, or which is convertible into such number of equity shares of such startup company, within a period not exceeding five years from the date of issue of the convertible note, upon occurrence of specified events as per the other terms and conditions agreed to and indicated in the instrument.

4. How can an Indian company receive foreign direct investment?

The Indian company can receive foreign direct investment under two routes:-
  • Automatic route: Foreign investment is allowed under automatic route without taking prior approval from the Reserve Bank of India subject to permissible activities, conditions and sectoral caps as mentioned in the FDI policy.
  • Approval route: The Companies engaged in the activities not covered under automatic route have to take prior approval from the Reserve Bank of India. Also, the countries sharing land border with India have to undertake approval from Reserve Bank of India before making any foreign direct investment in India.

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