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Get the best legal services in India for your startup with our team of experienced attorneys dedicated to helping you succeed. The journey from Start-up to the business giant is a hard and challenging battle. Most startups need to spend time focusing on idea development and distinguishing themselves from their competitors in the market. Finalizing the legal documents to bring these ideas to successful fruition, even though absolutely imperative and an advantage, often gets postponed. Legal help for Startups in their business formation and to cover statutory legal compliances results in laying a solid base and hassle-free operations which provides entrepreneurs/ founders/ promoters to focus on the more vital needs such as hiring, funding and finance and other processes to enable growth. Get your startup on the right track with our specialized startup legal services, tailored to meet your unique business needs.

Ahlawat & Associates startup lawyers in India provide legal, structural and regulatory solutions specifically catering to entrepreneurs and startups to guide them through all phases of their growth process, including incorporation, structuring, compliances, funding options, employee stock options, amongst others.

Most legal firms, fall short at providing legal assistance for startups with lucrative options for the most basics needs, such as:

What kind of entity to incorporate? which real estate option for setting up would be most feasible at this stage? what sort of vesting schedule makes sense? what clauses in an agreement could make me lose control of my own company? Which investor will enable success? What are the other legal rights that will prove to be an advantage for my shareholders at a later stage?

At A&A, our legal advice for startups in India work begins even before the stage of incorporation, where we advise our clients on what could be appropriate for their specific needs and situation. We have an array of innovative thinkers, entrepreneurs and pathbreakers as clients, in varied fields such as education, health, logistics, food, technology, hospitality and others, which have led to our expansive legal knowledge base that enable our expert startup lawyers in India to advice startups to make decisions that will lead to successful and effective results.

To sufficiently address their needs, at A&A, we have startup lawyers in India that are dedicated to helping and providing Startup Legal Services. Our expert corporate lawyer for startups helps start-up companies to adhere to the regulatory compliances and skillfully draft appropriate contracts to maintain good working relationships with customers, vendors, employees and others while simultaneously protecting their intellectual property rights.


Our startup law firm team has progressively dealt with a vast array of problems faced by Startups and have had practical experience resolving their complex issues in the most efficient and transparent manner. Experience the best legal services in India with our specialized team, dedicated to providing tailored solutions for your startup’s needs.

Our legal advice for startups in India aims to revolutionise the approach taken by Startups, in a way that our clients seek our services at every step without having to worry of exorbitant legal costs. Hence for legal support for startups, we work with our clients in a manner that is the most cost-effective for them and eliminate any apprehension that they might have in approaching lawyers for advice. We constantly strive to identify people and ideas that we can serve towards growth. Navigate the legal complexities of starting a business with ease by availing our comprehensive startup legal services.


To keep it cost-effective and feasible for startups to engage our  legal support for startups, we have designed a plan where we take care of all their legal needs, right from the incorporation of the company, it’s registration and recognition as a Start-up, taking care of mandatory compliances, helping them procure funding, drafting and vetting their contracts, filing their statutory compliances, making applications for IPR, taking care of their taxation and audits as well as designing exit strategies for start-ups when required. We do not charge our clients on an hourly basis for any of these services as most startup law firms do. Our clients are free to get in touch with us for any legal advice on various legal matters at any time without having to think twice about the same. Get the best legal advice and representation for your startup with our team of experienced startup lawyers in Delhi.

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Transactional Advisory


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Intellectual Property





Employment & HR

Employment & HR


At A&A, we believe that we are as good as our team, Our principle has guided us to ensure that we have the best startup lawyers in Delhi based at our main offices while the leading corporate lawyers in India run our various practices across the nation, thus ensuring optimum management and service of even the most complex transactions. It is due to our standards of professional responsibility when dealing with our clients and various matters, which we stringently abide by that has enabled us to qualify as one of the reputed corporate law firms in India.


Since most of our services to startups are provided on a retainer model, the cost associated is much lower than what the other firms are able to provide. We also cap our fees for most common transactions. This allows clients to know their total costs for a particular scope of work prior to commencing.

We help StartUps to be recognised in India and avail all the benefits of the same.


Financial and legal domains interact with each other in different ways, for instance, compliances, Company Secretarial, payroll and others. Each department offers a solution tailored to their needs rather than the company’s overall needs. We offer a holistically optimal solution as our services are under one roof.


Since A&A also advises large corporates and multinationals, our team members are able to provide startups with the relevant industry experience required by them to grow their companies into successful businesses.


A&A over the years has been part of the journey for numerous startups and have guided them from incorporation to their various funding rounds. A&A is one of the few firms which has a proven track record of representing some of the most well-known startups and have not only assisted them in India but also in expanding their operations overseas.

Few most frequently asked questions on startup legal services. Feel free to contact us for any other queries.

1. How can I start a startup in India?

Step 1: Structuring of the Private Limited company (“PLC”)

Step 2: Incorporation of PLC

Step 3: Start-up registration with DIPP or MSME registration

Step 4: GST registration

Step 5: Other Steps

a) Patents, trademarks and/or design registration

b) Self Certification Under Employment and Labour Laws

c) Tax Exemption

d) Obtaining Import Export Licenses

2. Do I need a lawyer to start a business?

The most common reasons for needing an attorney are:

  • Navigating the many forms and requirements of legal documents, like incorporation documents, that are involved.
  • Enabling you to focus on other aspects of the business so you don’t have to spend time learning the legal processes.
  • Support with specific tasks like trademarking your name, reviewing lease documents, discussing potential legal structures, and preparing incorporation forms.

3. What questions should I ask a startup lawyer?

  • Analyze their understanding of the industry.
  • Their years of experience??
  • What type of companies do they typically work with?
  • Have they worked with Startups and investment funds before??
  • Are they familiar with all of the incorporation procedures in that particular state?

4. How do I choose a startup lawyer?

#1 Experience

The more experience they have, the more they are suited for your business needs.

#2 Expertise

Every lawyer has an area of expertise, choose one that suits your needs.

#3 Reputation

Reputable lawyers are preferred in legal offices and their clients sometimes have an easy way out.

5. Can you set up an LLC without a lawyer?

You don’t necessarily have to hire a lawyer for an LLC but the paperwork can be tricky, so to make matters easier to hire a lawyer.

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