Akanksha Arora

Akanksha Arora


Practice Area

  • Company Secretarial

Professional Experience

Akanksha Arora is qualified Company Secretary registered with the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) having extensive experience in both the Companies Act and FEMA (Foreign Exchange Management Act). 

Her career has been marked by a focused commitment to ensuring corporate and secretarial compliances, facilitating smooth corporate operations, and navigating the regulatory complexities inherent in the Indian corporate environment.

In the realm of the Companies Act, her proficiency spans across various facets, including setting up foreign subsidiaries in India, compliance management, due diligence, board governance, statutory reporting, advisory, and consultancy encompassing a wide array of matters. She has successfully overseen the completion of compliances, ensuring that organizations under her purview adhere to the legal frameworks laid out in the Companies Act. Her role involves not only ensuring compliance with existing regulations but also staying abreast of amendments and updates to provide proactive guidance to the organizations.

Simultaneously, her experience in FEMA has equipped her with the skills to navigate the regulatory landscape governing foreign exchange and cross-border transactions. She has played a key role in facilitating and overseeing FEMA compliances, ensuring that businesses engage in international transactions in a manner that aligns with regulatory requirements. This involves a keen understanding of foreign investment regulations, external commercial borrowings, and other FEMA-related aspects.



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