Garv Sood

Garv Sood

Garv Sood


Practice Area

  • Corporate commercial
  • Real Estate
  • Employment & Labour

Professional Experience

Garv has an extensive experience in corporate and commercial law, with expertise in undertaking commercial matters; end to end real estate transactions; and business structuring. He is a proficient legal professional who excels in providing effective solutions to the legal conundrums for his clients' needs. His expertise spans a diverse range of legal domains including Corporate Law, Employment and Labour Law, Financial Technology (Fintech) and E-commerce Laws.

He provides strategic guidance on structuring and restructuring businesses, which includes selecting the appropriate legal entity, drafting essential commercial agreements, conducting necessary negotiations with the counterparties, and navigating regulatory compliances. 

Further, Garv is a seasoned legal professional who specializes in employment-related matters, dedicated to ensuring that his clients are safeguarded in the complex landscape of employment law. With a wealth of experience and a meticulous approach, Garv stands as a reliable advocate for organizations and individuals alike. In order to ensure the same, Garv understands the unique challenges faced by each client and tailors his legal strategies to meet their specific needs. He believes that a successful legal partnership is built on a deep understanding of his clients' industries, objectives, and concerns.

Within the real estate sector, Garv has years of experience in property transactions, which involve conducting due diligences of the property, undertaking the drafting of all associated documents including but not limited to sale deeds, conveyance deeds, lease deeds, collaboration agreements etc. which thereby ensures smooth and legally sound transactions for his clients.

Key matters handled:  

  • Undertaken a comprehensive restructuring initiative for a client's legal entity, facilitating the seamless transfer of assets and employees from an NGO to a private limited company. Spearheaded the drafting of essential documents integral to the restructuring process, encompassing the creation of a structural outline, formulation of employment documents, and crafting of commercial agreements.
  • Counseled an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) on optimizing their commercial and employment contracts, leading to the refinement of contractual frameworks, the enhancement of standard operating procedures for onboarding vendors, and the improvement of various business documentation. Throughout this collaborative process, conducting a training session for the client's business heads and managerial staff, imparting essential skills in managing documentation and adeptly negotiating with both clients and vendors.
  • Represented the workmen association (Trade Union) of a prestigious club in New Delhi during conciliation proceedings before the conciliation officer and later before the Industrial Tribunal. Through adept negotiation, negotiated with the club's management on behalf of the workmen association, ultimately achieving a successful resolution in favour of the workmen.
  • Successfully conducted and concluded negotiations with a service provider on behalf of the client, resolving a claim initially valued at approximately INR 88,00,00,000. The matter was ultimately settled for a nominal amount, in favour of the client.
  • Played a key role in an extensive due diligence process for Lotus Holdings, contributing to the strategic investment in an Indian-based natural health supplement company on behalf of the client.
  • Advised an international client who is engaged in the business of manufacturing of tilt and tip-over switches, motion/vibration sensors, reed switches, reed relays, and a wide variety of custom turnkey sensors, on various legal and regulatory compliances for their factory in India. Further, assisted the client in dealing with the trade union and other labour disputes.

Professional Memberships: 

  • Enrolled with the Bar Council of Delhi; and
  • Enrolled with Bar Council of India.


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